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My name is Clare and I have made the decision to be happy.

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Shawn Mendes - One of Those Nights

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The face she gives me when she wants to get on the couch

let her on the damn couch you monster
Is this elf prettier than me? Yes. Yes he is.


My sister in the south of Chile. We are sitting at home next to the fireplace in our southern lake house when it suddenly began to pour uncontrollably. Had to rush into the lake to take this snapshot! - Camila Massu/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

i will never go without reblogging this. You’re a wonderful photographer! ^

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J.K Rowling added this to the series.

and now i’m crying

"Date someone who is interested in you. I don’t mean someone who thinks you’re cute or funny. I mean someone who wants to know every insignificant detail about you. Someone who wants to read every word you write. Someone who wants hear every note of your favourite song, and watch every scene of your favourite movie. Someone wants to find every scar upon your body, and learn where each one came from. Someone who wants to know your favourite brand of toothpaste, and which quotes resonate deep inside your bones when you hear them. There is a difference between attraction and interest. Find the person who wants to learn every aspect of who you are, and hold onto them."

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